Elio Ruscetta

Shootfood is working with London based Italian stilllife & food& drink photographer Elio Ruscetta on stills advertising projects originating from key Middle Eastern and Turkish markets.

Shootfood is working with London based Italian stilllife & food& drink photographer Elio Ruscetta on stills advertising projects originating from key Middle Eastern and Turkish markets. 

We will be producing Elio's projects in Istanbul with our studio partners Imaj or in London and we will be offering Elio to other production companies as well as agencies in the region for specific projects.

Elio who has a unique still life & food aesthetic likes to focus his creativity and interest on any aspect of life including ordinary everyday objects which have sometimes been forgotten and unnoticed. Elio's passion is to create images with a character of their own; to mix his analogue set design skills with computer generated digital art.